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With the nation's leading Student Medical Insurance plan, we can show you a quick and easy way to protect yourself while you are continuing your college education. This medical insurance protects you from the financial hardship of unexpected illness and injuries that could occur.

What our Student Select Medical Insurance Plan offers:

Designed specifically for college students under the age of 30, the Student Select Medical Insurance plan is permanent medical insurance and continually renewable. The plan lets you choose your own doctors and hospitals and pays for all covered medical expenses once your deductible, coinsurance and, where applicable, co-payment amounts have been met

Student Select Medical insurance covers major hospital, medical and surgical expenses incurred as a result of medically necessary care for a covered illness or injury up to a policy maximum of $1 million**.

Plan Highlights

If you need to transfer schools, your Student Select coverage moves with you. Student Select is not tied to any one school. There's no need to change coverage or re-apply. In fact, you're covered when traveling anywhere in the United States, its possessions or Canada.
You choose your doctors and hospitals. You are never restricted to an HMO or PPO service area.
With Student Select you're covered year-round, not just during the school term. And, if for some reason, you have to leave school, Student Select stays with you for the remainder of the policy year... and then it's guaranteed renewable.
Student Select guarantees renewability. Whereas most college plans only cover you until you graduate or very shortly thereafter, Student Select can be renewed as long as it's needed . . . and, of course, as long as the premiums are paid.
If you are not 100% satisfied with the plan, you can return the contract within 10 days of delivery for a refund. If a cancellation request is received after the 10 day free look, a prorated refund will be provided as described in the contract.
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**The plan is underwritten by TIME Insurance Company, in business since 1892. They are the #1 seller of short term medical insurance in the U.S. They are rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.